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Numerology helps you to see yourself , kids, loved ones, husband, wife, for who they really are. It Opens up relationships to acceptance and understanding, where you are supported and supportive of yours and others uniqueness.

My clients have had success in overcoming depression, changing to more fulfilling careers, accepting and loving self, guiding their kids to grow up with more confidence, high self esteem, and also creating loving, supportive, happy relationships. I guide you to your strengths which give you the greatest joy, making life fun and amazing, loving your life and who you are.

Life Path Numbers

I've found when I've given people their life path numbers, it has helped them to make decisions easily, has helped with understanding their own  personalities to work with , not going against who they are, naturally and what traits come easily 

I've found understanding your child's numbers, and encouraging them to use their natural talents, gives them more joy and growth, lifts their self esteem and confidence, and sets them up for a successful happy future.

The greatest awareness I received by learning and understanding the life path numbers was being able to accept myself more. It showed me specific areas that can be more of a challenge for me to overcome, and the rewards have been amazing.

The numbers also make a huge impact in our personal relationships, accepting each other for who we are, gaining awareness of the strengths and traits we avoid that will give us our biggest growth, resulting in loving, fulfilled relationships.

Over the last 10 years the life path numbers have helped my clients overcome depression, reconnect with family, gain a greater understanding of self, getting their needs met, and building loving supportive relationships.

Intuitive Readings

I love working with my guides, never knowing what messages I will receive for you. I love the mystery and all the many ways the messages come through. I feel, I see, I have a knowing, and it all comes through me for you to receive what you are needing in your life right now. My guides and yours are uplifting and funny, inspiring you to bring out the best for you to see and hear what an amazing, loving, beautiful person you are. Helping you share your amazing qualities that you may not see within yourself. Leaving you feeling fantastic, loved, uplifted, and inspired. To take action that will give you the most joy. To see yourself as your guides see you...

An Amazing Being

—  Kylie


Wow! It feels as if a heavy weight has been lifted from me, and now with this lightness, clarity, and joy, I feel I can accomplish anything and everything!

Thank you Anita, you truly are an angel!

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